Screws and bolts with internal drive
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Screws and bolts with internal drive

TR fasteners is one of Screws and bolts with internal drive manufacturers. Our factory ‘s fastener has good quality since we use precision machining and strict process to ensure all products are qualified. Our clients cover more than 40 countries such as Europe,America,South America etc. TR fasteners look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China. TR fasteners always belive the good quality it is important for long business.

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Product Description

TR Fasteners is a manufacturer specializing in screws and bolts with internal drives. The quality of our fasteners is exceptional, as we employ precision machining and rigorous processes to guarantee the conformity of all products.

Our clients span over 40 countries, including Europe, America, South America, and beyond. TR Fasteners eagerly looks forward to the prospect of becoming your long-term partner in China. We firmly believe that quality is crucial for building lasting business relationships.

Product Parameter (Specification)


Carbon steel, Stainless steel

Surface treatment

Plain, Black, Zinc Plated(ZP), Yellow Zinc Plated (YZP)and Hot DIP Galvanizing(H. D. G. ), Dacromet, Nickel Plated, Brass Plated.




DIN, BSW, JIS, UNC, UNF, ASME and ANSI, Non-standard, Customized Drawing.


Metric Coarse, Metric Fine, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF.


M3-M56, 1/4 to 2 inches, length: 5mm-500mm


Bagor Carton or Others

Product Feature

TR fasteners is a professional and experienced manufacturer and exporter.

Here are some of the key product features of Screws and bolts with internal drive finish:


High strength: These screws are made from grade 12.9 steel, which is one of the highest strength ratings for fasteners. They are capable of handling high stress and pressure with ease.


Zinc finish: The zinc finish provides corrosion and rust resistance, making them ideal for outdoor applications and harsh environments.


Wide range of applications: DIN 912 hex socket screws grade 12.9 zinc can be used in a variety of high-stress applications across industries including automotive, construction, and machinery.

Our Strength:

  • Direct from manufacturer to customer, On time delivery
  • Complete and diverse fastener products, saving you the time.
  • Highly competitive price, saving your cost.
  • Conducting stringent quality control tests are at every stage
  • After shippment, we will offer the Test report and material report.

Product Application

Screws and bolts with internal drive finish are widely used in various high-stress applications where a strong and secure fastener is required. Some common applications include:


Automotive industry: Due to their high strength and corrosion-resistant properties, DIN 912 hex socket screws grade 12.9 zinc finish are commonly used in the engine, transmission, suspension, and brake components of vehicles.


Construction industry: These screws can be used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other large structures where strong and durable connections are required.


Machinery industry: These screws are widely used in the machinery industry for securing moving parts, assembly lines, and other industrial equipment.


Aerospace: These screws can be used in the construction of aircraft and spacecraft where high strength is required, such as in the engines, landing gear, or control systems.


Marine equipment: Due to their resistance to corrosion, these screws are also used in the marine equipment industry for securing equipment and parts in boats, yachts, and other marine vessels.

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