TR-Fasteners add the DIN912 socket screws for left thread; Fine thread, BSW size


DIN912 socket cap screws of left thread are less common than right-hand threaded screws, and therefore, they are typically available in a more limited range of sizes and materials. However, they can still be found in a range of standard and metric sizes, depending on the manufacturer or supplier.The available size range of DIN912 socket cap screws of left thread typically ranges from M3 to M24 in diameter, with different lengths available. Additionally, the screws may be made of different materials like steel, stainless steel, and titanium, depending on the desired strength, durability, and corrosion resistance requirements of the application.

Since left-hand threaded screws are less common, it is possible that not all manufacturers or suppliers may carry them. Therefore, if you require left-hand threaded DIN912 socket cap screws for your specific application, it is recommended to contact a supplier or manufacturer that specializes in providing left-hand threaded fasteners, or to have them custom made by a reputable manufacturer.

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