DIN7984 hex socket head cap screw with low head


DIN7984 is a standard that specifies the technical requirements for low head socket cap screws, also known as flat head socket cap screws. Here are some general steps to follow when using DIN7984 screws:

Choose the correct size: The first step in using DIN7984 screws is to choose the right size screw for your application, considering factors like the material being fastened, the amount of force that will be applied, and other factors.Prepare the components: 

The second step is to prepare the components being fastened, including pre-drilling holes in the material if necessary.Insert the screw: Align the screw so that it is centered over the pre-drilled hole, and insert it into the hole.

Tighten the screw: Use a hex key or Allen wrench to turn the screw clockwise and tighten it until it is snug. Ensure that the screw is not over-tightened, which could damage the threads or the component being fastened.Check the alignment: Ensure that the component is properly aligned and straight, making any adjustments as necessary.

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